Tree Lopping

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The term ‘tree looping’ has a particular yet a technical meaning to a trained tree specialist. It basically means an age old practice that professionals arborists these days are advised nor taught to do. It is a practice that costs life and many other maladies to the precious trees.

So if you are inquired ‘Do you know how to loop trees?, modern day professional arborists have to carefully determine in what sense the very question including the word ‘lopping’ is being incorporated in before they even answer.

The famous Tree Protection Act which paved its way in 2005 specifically bans the lopping and categorizes it as an activity that proves to be fatal for the trees. The Tree Protection Act of 2005 defines ‘Lopping’ as the trimming and reckless cutting of the branches or solid stems of a lush green tree in-between the unions of its branches. When compared, one realizes that the proper pruning of the trees generally incorporates the cutting of branches from back to the front of the union of branches.

‘Known as topping worldwide and generally called the ‘Lopping’ in San Diego, the process is highly cruel and decamping for most of the trees. Topping is likely to cause harsh and dangerous xylem dysfunction and decompose the major structural parts of the wood which the tree utilizes for flow of water across its body. Lopping is generally a drastic repair work in which xylem dysfunction, carbohydrate depletion and intensive loss of cells is concerned.

If a tree is mature enough to survive lopping, it will eventually grow to form an outer most shell of newer woods that would grow around a damaged core and will finally need an intensive care management as the newer branches are now increased in girth and weight by manifolds.’

Many a lopped trees come at a risk because the newer branches that come up from epitomic buds to take place of those lost severely by the lopping now have weaker attachments as compared before.
There is no system that governs the attachment of these shoots to the older already-existing wood.
This might even lead to failure as the result of decomposition reaching out to the wood from the lopping wounds and injuries.

Lopping is hardly an acceptable treatment for the precious plants and trees that are to be taken care and be continued in the long run and could as well be regarded as a big burglary and mischief if implemented without specific reason.

If a tree carrying a magical value could not be saved and resurfaced in a reasonable manner, lopping may be an acceptable alternative to felling of the tree’.

Sir  “Celvis Mattheck”, the publisher of ‘The persona of the trees’, a guide and a simple book for analysis of failure, also recommends lopping as a proven and tested method of properly managing the deterrence of the legendary long life trees, when other alternatives just prove inadequate lately.

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