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Welcome to San Diego Tree Service. We are among the leading tree removal service company in San Diego. As a reputable tree removal service industry, we are providing services such as tree stump grinding, tree stump removal, tree cabling, tree pruning service, tree removal service, tree bracing service and other services related to tree removal from last 30 years.

Being a certified TCIA and ISA, our industry is fully insured to offer you services related to tree and lawn care and hiring our professional arborists will make your feel more comfortable as they are trustworthy. Our customer care executive will always be there to answer any of your queries regarding tree removal service.

From the removal of largest or heavy tree, or whether there is any emergency, we will serve you as the true specialists. Our team is knowledgeable and possess years of experience in providing removal services safely. We will take care of everything and do anything that you might not even imagine for your tree care. We always adhere to the standard codes of practice and perform the entire task effectively and efficiently. 

How can we help?

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Some of the major tree removal services that we offer include:-

  1. Tree and Shrub Pruning

This includes removal of all the broken, diseased, or dead branches from the young as well as matured tree. Our tree and shrub pruning services make sure that your entire property or landscape is protected from shedding of broken branches. This removal of dead or infected branches makes sure that other part of the tree stays away from getting infected, thereby saving the life of the entire tree. Apart from this the pruning process often helps in improving the tree structure as it removes the unwanted live branches which are not much in use. If you are looking for formal planting and maintenance of your landscape than acquiring our tree and shrub pruning service will definitely maximize the beauty of your garden. You can visit Columbus Tree Service for more information.

  1. Stump Grinding

For stump grinding we make use of special machinery that makes the entire process of stump grinding easier for us, thereby saving lot of time and efforts. Stump grinding is done when the tree is removed but its actual stump is still buried deep in the ground which might cause range of issues. In most of the cases the stump which is left after the cutting of trees become home of termites, ants and other pests which can get in the way of your landscaping and damage nearby roots of other plants. Therefore hiring a company like us which possesses professional staff members can get over the issue in an efficient manner. 

  1. Tree Surgery

Under tree surgery we offer services like damaged root repair, canker removal, damaged tissue clean up etc. Our professional arborist (tree surgeon) with full safety climbs on the trunks with spikes and cut down the unnecessary branches with ease. This makes sure that the good structure of the tree is maintained and landscape regains its beauty with ease.


  1. Stump Removal

Under this service stump is removed by digging out of the ground, so that replanting of tree can be done on the same location. To do the entire process effectively team of efficient arborist is required who will further carry out the task by making use of specialized equipments and operators. Here you can see the tree removal columbus Youtube video.

What makes us different from others –?

We are not like other tree removal companies that don’t stand on their words. Our service that include from tree removal to stump grinding, each of the task will be performed with utmost care. We make use of latest equipments as well as up-graded machinery in order to trim shrubs and hedges of tree.

The biggest reason which makes us different from our competitors is that our prices for the services which we offer is a lot lower that the standard rates which prevails in the market. The only reason by which we are able to offer such rates in the market is because of our quality of services which is incomparable from other companies. From last 30 years our first priority is to serve our customers at any will by not sacrificing out products quality. Apart from this we even clean the lawn, so that your landscape can look exceptionally beautiful.

Our way of Working

We have team of qualified and professional team members that possess years of experience in making your landscape look beautiful. Not only this, we are always there to help in case of emergencies such as in case of natural disaster or in case of storm season. You can trust our team of professional members and put your ideas forward so as to make your place look beautiful. Remember that we will always be there to help you in case you have any tree removal related queries.

  Why to choose our services?

Here are few reasons to choose our services:-

  • Our company is fully insured and we have got approval from the head government organization for providing professional services in terms of stump grinding, shrub clearing and removal of trees.
  • Experience of over 20+ years in the field.
  • Trained staff members with each having deep knowledge in Arboriculture.
  • Same day service availability or just make a call at 0862 451 277in case of emergency.
  • Environment friendly – don’t make use of wood for producing mulch or timber products.
  • 24X7 customer service availability.
  • Don’t burn any of the wood which is removed.
  • Affordable prices
  • Discount also available (for regular customers)

Note =

Our Moto is clear and simple that we always look for your satisfaction and so plan out activities according to your benefits. Just don’t forget that.


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